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AsureSpace Meeting Room Manager Scheduling Software

Finally, a room scheduling software solution with no complicated installs, no extended adoption times, and that no longer requires you to bribe your IT department with store bought cookies you pretend that you actually made (trust us, they know the difference).

With Asure’s cloud-based Meeting Room Manager you can schedule rooms from any location at any time and keep your entire workforce in synch. It even synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook meaning any updates will appear in both platforms – and will notify users of changes.   

Eliminate double-booking forever with our flexible, completely customizable room scheduling software. Additional options (below) allow you to embed your company’s calendar into existing websites, allow for public access and requests without logins, make calendars public without concurrent licenses, and so much more.

The ROI of Meeting Room Manager Cloud Services 

Meeting Room Manager Cloud Services lowers your total cost of ownership and promises you more efficiency with less hassle. Your subscription includes support and upgrades and we manage all administration of the application – freeing your IT team to focus on other tasks. Asure’s comprehensive Cloud Services can reduce or even eliminate the costs of: software updates, training, servers, additional hardware, hardware license and maintenance costs, installation costs and more. 

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