AsureSpace: Scheduling and Workplace Management Software

"Asure did all the things we wanted, was extremely user-friendly, and still fit well within our budget"
Tom Wolfe, Administrator, Texas Orthopedics, Sports and Rehabilitation Associates

Do your working conditions feel a little cramped? Or perhaps they feel completely empty. The point is, do you really know how your space is being used? Real estate costs typically represent one of an organization's largest expenditure. But few companies truly know how and when their workspace is being used and if it is ensuring optimal productivity. And in today's work environment, working outside of office walls is typical. We'll help you understand workspace utilization, optimize available real estate, and turn your workspaces into a strategic advantage. From mid-size business to Fortune 1,000 companies to major universities, our scheduling and workplace management software solutions help thousands of clients maximize the value of their workspace.

Create Positive ROI with AsureSpace Workspace Management Software & Solutions

AsureSpace solutions offers valuable workspace analytics that help business owners transform their largest expenditures into a strategic opportunity.

  • Optimize real estate utilization
  • Control real estate expenditures
  • Increase collaboration

Learn More About AsureSpace Workspace Management Solutions

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  • Resource Scheduler

    Workspace management software is key to running an efficient business. Without proper workspace and resource scheduling, productivity suffers and costs rise. AsureSpace™ Resource Scheduler is a flexible, cloud-based, low-risk resource scheduling solution that solves the most challenging workflow issues related to managing rooms, resources, and associated services.

  • Meeting Room Manager

    Sometimes scheduling conference rooms, av equipment, catering and calendars can feel like you're tackling the world's largest wave. It doesn't have to be that way. AsureSpace™ Meeting Room Manager can make meeting room management smooth sailing.

  • Workspace Manager

    With AsureSpace Workspace Manager, a workspace management software, you can make sure you get the right space at the right time…every time. Workspace management doesn't have to be a perplexing and challenging process with AsureSpace.

  • Workplace BI

    “Armed with actual workspace utilization trending data we were able to increase the utilization of our rooms by 30%, resulting in an annual savings of more than $1 million annually.” - Corporate Real Estate Executive, Global Insurance Provider. AsureSpace Workplace BI is an analytics workspace manager that can cut costs and increase utilization efficiency.

  • SmartView

    SmartView is a complete, automated and integrated time utilization measurement system. This revolutionary system of activity sensors and analytic tools help you understand and manage available real estate and workstations – so that you can see everything from which desks are always occupied to which satellite offices get used the least.

  • Touch Panels

    AsureSpace™LCD Touch Panels allows for interactive room scheduling. Make instant meeting room reservations, check upcoming availability and more with Resource Scheduler, Meeting Room Manager, and Workspace Manager.