AsureForce GeoPunch: Mobile Workforce Management Software

Your company seems to be expanding at the speed of light – so quickly that it’s impossible to keep track of all those new faces. You need a workforce management system in place to make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. You need GeoPunch™, our mobile workforce management software. 

Mobile Workforce Management

AsureForce® GeoPunch simplifies workforce management by putting time & attendance into your employees’ hands, no matter their location. As mobile devices proliferate, so do mobile workforces. Now, GeoPunch delivers your AsureForce Time & Labor Management system right to your workforce on their own or employer-provided mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones and more.

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Employees clock in and out by taking a picture of themselves with their device, submitting to Asure via text or smartphone app, and the hyper-accurate biometric facial recognition technology validates identification. A text or message within the smartphone app delivers confirmation of successful clock-in or out. Text and voice/IVR options are also available, so GeoPunch works on virtually any mobile device.

  • Streamline time data collection and improve productivity
  • Avoid hardware costs by using existing mobile devices
  • Move forward from on-premise punch clock technology to a truly mobile solution
  • Drastically improve accuracy, reducing fraud and payroll losses

“150 million employees worldwide bring their own device to work, a number that’s expected to grow to 350 million by 2014.” - Juniper Research



GeoPunch™ Features:

  • Know Where Your Employees Are - GPS and cell triangulation technology enables you to be assured you have the right employee present at the right time at the right location for the right job. Each time your employee uses GeoPunch™ to clock in you will automatically receive a map with their exact geolocation (GPS) data.
  • Biometric Facial Recognition - GeoPunch automatically verifies the identity of the employee with hyper-accurate facial recognition algorithms, far superior to fingerprint.
  • Accurate, Automatic Time Tracking - GeoPunch Mobile workforce management technology enables accurate, foolproof and fraud-proof time collection from anywhere, and it integrates directly with your Asure Time & Labor Management system via Open API technology so you’re more productive.
  • Simplicity and Familiarity - Your workforce will find GeoPunch extremely easy to use since it runs on their own familiar mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Compliance - Since GeoPunch enables employees to take your TLM system with them, time data is more easily and more accurately captured, improving compliance and reporting while reducing risk and penalties.
  • Instant TLM Expansion - Now you can greatly expand the reach of your TLM system without the additional hardware expense and implementation time.

Technical Requirements

  • NET 3.5, Silverlight 5, Android, Symbian applications
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • SSL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Zero configuration

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