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We save over $40,000 annually using AsureForce® Time & Labor Management Solutions.

- Sabrina Horner, Health Management of Kansas

AsureForce® Time & Labor Management Solutions don’t just track time – our innovative time and attendance software solutions improve your entire scope of workforce management. Fully automated cloud-based, solutions boost workforce productivity so your people can maximize every minute of every workday. Smart companies are seeing workforce management as a strategic business driver, not just a non-revenue generating area of your organization. Learn more about how our time and attendance system can help you become an ROI super hero.

Automate Time & Labor Management with AsureForce

On average, 19% of the workforce participates in buddy-punching at least once annually, resulting in related losses of 1.5% to 3% of gross payroll. AsureForce generates ROI for your organization by automating time and labor management and increasing the accuracy of the data associated with time and labor management data while reducing hours spent to manage the process.

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  • Employee Time Tracking & Labor Management Software

    AsureForce® Time typically delivers an 80% reduction in time and attendance administration. Our cloud-based employee time tracking and labor management solutions can add hours of productivity, improve overall payroll processes and slash administrative expenses.

  • Time Clocks & Data Collection Devices

    Choose from a full range of time collection devices based on your needs. We offer traditional time clocks, proximity cards, bar c.ode readers, biometrics options. We also offer mobile time collection apps and access via the Web All time collection options work with our AsureForce Time & Labor Management platform so you can mix and match based on each location's needs.

  • GeoPunch™ Mobile Workforce Management

    AsureForce® GeoPunch™ Mobile Workforce Management leads the evolution of mobile workforce technology by allowing your employees to clock in and out by taking a picture of themselves on their mobile device. Simple to deploy and use, GeoPunch™ uses facial recognition algorithms (far superior to fingerprint), to automatically verify employee identity and capture employee location through GPS.

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