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Corporate Governance


Audit Committee Charter
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Compensation Committee Charter
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Nominating & Governance Committee Charter
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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Asure Software has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that applies to all our directors, officers and employees. These individuals are required to abide by the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to insure that our business is conducted in a consistently legal and ethical manner. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics covers all areas of professional conduct, including employment policies, conflicts of interest, intellectual property and the protection of confidential information, as well as strict adherence to all laws and regulations applicable to the conduct of our business. The board of directors must approve any waivers of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for directors or executive officers.
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Whistleblower Process

Asure Software’s goal is to ensure that you can communicate issues and concerns associated with unethical or illegal activities safely and honestly with management and/or the board of directors while maintaining your anonymity and confidentiality. Thus we have hired EthicsPoint to collect and monitor any such issues and concerns. EthicsPoint is Safe Harbor Certified through the United States Department of Commerce as a hotline provider having security measures in place to address EU privacy initiatives and other global privacy directives. To file a report you can either call 866-ETH-ICSP or go to https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/5615/index.html

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